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Manufacturing Engineer posted 6/27/2018 Ref No. 2130027296

Equipment: Accountant
Location: Fort Worth, TX

Designs manufacturing processes, procedures and production layouts for assemblies, equipment installation, processing, machining and material handling. Designs arrangement of machines within plant facilities to ensure most efficient and productive layout. Designs sequence of operations and specifies procedures for the fabrication of tools and equipment and other functions that affect product performance. Adapts machine or equipment design to factory and production conditions. Responsibilities include close coordination and collaboration with the Product Focus Teams, Factory Material Flow, Tool Services, and Facilities in developing and implementing production readiness in each of the component and assembly areas. May incorporate inspection and test requirements into the production plan. Inspects performance of machinery, equipment, and tools to verify their efficiency, and investigates and initiates corrective action of problems and deficiencies to ensure product quality. Develops manufacturing processes that are applicable to statistical process control, and may develop those techniques. Provides guidance to engineering regarding design concepts and specification requirements to best utilize equipment and manufacturing techniques. Ensures processes and procedures are in compliance with regulations.

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Quality Engineer 3 posted 5/31/2018 Ref No. 2130026887

Location: Tulsa, OK

Develops, modifies, applies and maintains quality evaluation and control systems and protovols for processing materials into partially or finished materials product.

Collaboration with engineering and manufacturing functions to ensure quality standards are in placeDevises and implements methods and procedures for inspecting, testing and evaluating the preciion and accuacy of products and production equipment.  Designs and analyzes inspetion and testing processes, mechanisms and equipment; conducts quality assurance tests; performs satistical analysis to assess cost and determine responsibility for products or materials that do no meet required standards and specifications.  Audits quality system.

This position typically requires a college degree and a minimum of 5 years of experience.  Must be authorized to work in the US.


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