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What is the difference between Strom Aviation and other companies?

Strom Aviation, Inc. believes our most important asset is our employees. Since our inception in 1992, Strom Aviation has risen through the aviation ranks to become a leader in the industry by providing top quality aviation staffing to our customers. To further enhance our existing benefits program we now offer our contractors the following two plans. Plan 1 "The fixed indemnity plan" and Plan 2 the Minimum Essential Coverage plan. Both plans are through Essential StaffCare.

Essential StaffCARE (ESC) is the largest provider of employee benefits to the staffing industry. ESC has over 1,000 clients across the US and specializes in providing voluntary benefits to the staffing industry. The New ESC Marketplace/Exchange offers real solutions to the complexities of Healthcare reform for all levels of employees.

As a Strom Aviation hourly field employee you are eligible, within 30 days of your start date, to participate in the Essential StaffCARE that we sponsor. This program offers you the opportunity to choose from Medical, Dental, And Term Life/Short-Term Disability insurance. You can also choose to cover your eligible dependents under the Medical, Dental, and Term Life plans. Plan 1 and Plan 2 are affordably priced and premium payments are deducted directly from your weekly paycheck on a post-tax basis. Plan 2 is an ACA compliant plan.

We are proud to announce this program for our hourly field employees to enhance and to make available a convenient and flexible insurance option for each of you and your families.

To obtain further information regarding the plan, you may contact Denise Zellman at Strom Aviation 1-800-743-8988, Ext 8734.

Employee Benefits

Recruiter Awareness

Our recruiters are committed to keep you informed of what is happening in the aviation market place. You can be confident knowing when your assignment ends, your recruiter will be pro active in locating you another assignment.

Referral Program

Strom offers referral programs to compensate you for referring a colleague.

Holiday Pay

As soon as employees are on the job 60 calendar days, they are eligible for the following paid holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

Longevity Pay

As soon as employees reach 2000 hours of straight time hours without any interruption in employment, they are eligible for longevity pay.

Bonus Pay

We partner with many of our clients to pay start up, in service and completion bonus'.

Travel Pay

On some assignments, employees are eligible travel pay.

Weekly Payroll

Paychecks are direct deposited weekly into your bank/savings account.

Payroll Check Cards/Direct Deposit

Save time and money when you have your check deposited into a Visa check card account, or your own bank account.

Living Allowance Payments

When an employee's jobsite is more than 50 miles from his/her permanent residence, he/she may eligible for Living Allowance Payments.

401K Programs

Employees may enroll in a robust 401K program.

Insurance Programs

Employees have access to health, medical and disability insurance programs.