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Fabrication Specialist B posted 10/9/2018 Ref No. 2130027444

Equipment: Heavy
Location: Charleston, SC

Performs composite related fabrication of detail parts and subassemblies from carbon fiber, fiberglass and other
lightweight materials commonly use in the aerospace industry.
Performs automated lay-up machine set-up and operation.
Performs composite lay-up, fabrication and assembly tasks.
Ability to understand the use and fabrication of pre-manufactured composite materials using, blueprints, engineering
drawings and planning from nonconformance dispositions.
Accomplishes these processes by using fabrication tooling materials and automated / motorized equipment.
Accomplishes related functions to provide complete fabrication details and subassemblies via hand-lay-up methods or
through the use of NC equipment.
Ability to select correct parts, materials, tools, assemblies, standards, hardware, etc., in order to accomplish work
statement in accordance with planned operations.
Report job constraints such as: errors caused by workmanship, defects in parts, materials, assembly procedures, tools,
sequences, etc., in accordance with Boeing procedures.
Prepares test articles, fixtures and data collection devices to perform various tests.
Performs basic organic chemical conversion and paint preparation.
Applies routine organic coatings for corrosion protection and appearance requirements.
Works on articles of moderate complexity using established drawings and requirements.
Be safety conscious; employ the use of safety glasses, safety harnesses, respirators, boot socks, and other pertinent
safety equipment 100% of the time.
Exhibit exemplary housekeeping and Foreign Object Debris (FOD) standards.
Maintain clean, neat, organized and FOD free work area.
Coordinate pertinent information with employees on other shifts.

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