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Assembly posted 8/13/2018 Ref No. 2130027129

Equipment: Avionics/Electrical Design
Location: Wichita, KS


The Company will provide appropriate assistance in job training to enable employees to perform all necessary job functions including the following:

1. Work with blueprints, changes, specifications, work orders, etc. to assemble and install to quality requirements parts and assemblies.
2. Complete required data gathering transactions to facilitate assembly progression.
3. Setup and perform all manual and automated assembly operations, and portable machine functions required to accomplish assignments.
4. Perform any and all required pickup, rework, fabrication, change incorporation, functional testing or check during or after final assembly and/or assembly progression.
5. Move and/or obtain correct parts, materials, tools, assemblies, etc.
6. Use precision measuring instruments required to accomplish work assignments.
7. Report and/or investigate job handicaps such as: errors in parts, assembly procedures, tools, sequences, etc.
8. Perform routine minor machine maintenance as part of their daily work duties (e.g., where applicable, replacing machine filters, changing standard light bulbs on machines and equipment, maintaining lubrication/coolant levels, etc. as related to basic Total Preventative Maintenance duties).
9. Routinely move product within the immediate manufacturing work area, including across isle, using shop assigned equipment as required and complete transactions necessary to move product to the next operation. On an exception basis, move product to the next operation within a building.
10. Support the continuous flow of product within the manufacturing process by training, coaching and assisting employees of all classification levels.

11. Document any discrepancies according to specification, process, and procedure.
12. Cross trains in inspection and becomes SIA qualified.

Level C
Employee must have the skill and knowledge to perform in all of the general functions of the Assembly Mechanic listed below:
Assembly/Installation Structures
Sub Assembly
Each of the functional areas described below:
Sealer - Seal parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies fillet and fay, apply leveling compound or scotch cast etc.
Sub-Assembly - Assemble parts to make sub assemblies using templates, jigs, and fixtures
Assembly / Installation Structures - Assemble structural parts, assemblies, and skins to make larger assemblies
Assembly / Installation Doors - Pre- assemble, trim, fit , rig , seal, align, and adjust aircraft door systems
Level C - Assembly Mechanics
Train on 1st shift and move to 2nd or 3rd.

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