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Product Repair/Mod Technician C - Systems posted 4/17/2018 Ref No. 2130026940

Equipment: Military Aircraft
Location: Eglin AFB, FL

Job Description: Assembles, disassembles and/or modifies systems by changing, removing, replacing or upgrading aerospace vehicle components to correct failures or implement changes. Oversees assembly, disassembly or overhaul. Configures aerospace vehicles and bench test equipment. Troubleshoots complex pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems to isolate mechanical or electrical faults and repair faulty components. Performs validation/verification testing of systems and components. Documents procedures and established processes to ensure contractual and regulatory compliance (e.g., repairs, test results, applicable modifications and inspection results). Inspects components and verifies repairs for flight worthiness requirements. Successful applicant must have extensive knowledge of the F-15 Environmental, Hydraulic, Electrical, systems. Will assist in the ground test for F-15 EPAWSS modification.

Contact: Strom Jobs


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