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Inspector posted 3/7/2018 Ref No. 2130026869

Equipment: Commuter
Location: Springfield, MO


The Quality Control Inspector is responsible to the General Manager and Chief Inspector for the releasing to service of airframes, engines, propellers, appliances and the component parts thereof. Performs inspection of aircraft, components, assemblies, tools or parts during modifications, installation, service or overhaul to determine airworthiness, safety or conformance to approved data and Company standards and requirements.


l. Conduct all required inspections in accordance with the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, manufacturer's approved data, any customer's approved program data and the policies and procedures contained in the Worldwide Aircraft Services, Inc. Repair Station Manual.

  1. Open and close Repair Station work orders for each aircraft as needed,
  2. Perform incoming/receiving inspection of parts received to assure proper documentation is obtained and parts are in airworthy condition.
  3. Inspect work completed by technicians. Assure that the responsible technicians properly execute complete entries on forms and work orders used by the repair station.
  4. Assure that all inspections are properly performed on all completed work and that the proper inspection records, reports, and forms used by the repair station are completed and executed prior to releasing the product for return to service.
  5. Determine that no defu)tive, unserviceable, or unairworthy parts are installed in any component or article released by the repair station. See that unairworthy parts are segregated and quarantined in such a way as to prevent their reuse as serviceable parts.
  6. Assure the proper execution of maintenance release and/or FAA Form 337 when required.
  7. Complete IFAA Forms, such as 8130-3, 8130-9 and 8130-6, etc. as needed for each project currently in process.
  8. Audit aircraft records to determine status of inspections and/or components and assemble technical inspection reports.
  9. Create logbook entries for aircraft, engines and propellers following maintenance.

I l. Maintain flight data for maintenance tracking purposes on managed aircraft.

  1. Maintain engine trend data on managed aircraft.
  2. Verify AD status of aircraft as required.
  3. Assemble work packages for inspection of aircraft and audit upon completion.
  4. Assure that the proper inspection records, reports and forms used by the Repair Station are available to all inspection personnel.
  5. Complete work orders and inspection forms in such a manner that once filed information pertaining to a specific item can be readily located for review.
  6. Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief Inspector
  7. Daily attendance is an essential part of this position.

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