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Inspector Machined Parts / Tools posted 5/9/2018 Ref No. 2130026719

Equipment: Heavy
Location: Wichita, KS

Description :

Responsible for a wide range of inspection functions supporting supplier provided parts and assemblies, wire fabrication, weld, tubing, machining and tool fabrication and assembly. Follow programs, documents, drawings, specifications and quality standards to perform inspection functions. Perform audit/surveillance/measurement/inspection of all vendor, wire, weld, tube, and machined parts/assemblies/tools according to specifications, processes and procedures. Initiate and document any non-conforming materials, parts, assemblies or portions thereof, according to specification, process and procedures.


The Company will provide appropriate assistance in job training to enable employees to perform all necessary job functions including the following:

1. Working from drawings, documents, process specifications, quality control requirements, software programs and test procedures, perform any inspection of parts and assemblies including process and materials.

2. Dimensionally inspect parts or assemblies.

3. Initiate and document any non-conforming materials, hardware, software, tools, parts, assemblies or portions thereof, according to specifications, processes and procedures.

4. Inspect vendor, subcontractor or company parts and assemblies.

5. Follow a pre-determined sequence of own work.

6. Prepare and maintain Quality records.

7. Support the continuous flow of product within the manufacturing process by cross-training and assisting employees at all description levels including cross-training in the Metals, Process, Machine and Tooling Mechanic/Technician classifications supported by inspection.

Qualifying Skills

Advancement to any given level is subject to need as determined by management and employee meeting established qualification criteria.

  • Requirements:Notes directly from HM:Level B

    1. Use and interpret drawings, inspection manuals and specifications, shop mathematics, precision measuring instruments, specialized inspection machines, tools and equipment necessary to accomplish work assignments.

    2. Good communication skills – written and verbal

    3. Good computing skills

    4. Contact other company organizations or customer representatives, as required to coordinate and accomplish work assignments.

    5. Operate testing machines, calculate and record results

    6. Maintain certifications as required

    7. Plan own sequence of operations

    8. Follow Inspection (shop) procedures to accept or reject processes/parts/assemblies

    9. Verify that tools are qualified

    10. Prepare and maintain Quality records

    11. Work across equivalent or lower level Inspector job codes as required

    12. Cross-train in equivalent level Metals, Process, Machine and Tooling Mechanic/Technician classifications

    1. Shift?
      1. 2nd shift (may train on 1st shift if needed)
    2. Is overtime available?
      1. As needed
    3. What is the duration of this project?
      1. 90 days
    4. Are you wishing to conduct phone and/or onsite interviews for solid candidates?
      1. Phone or onsite
    5. Key skills you’re looking for in candidates ex. CATIA, SAP, 6 Sigma, Lean etc.?
      1. SAP
      2. Previous inspection experience
      3. Catia
    6. Would you be interested in contractors who would want to convert to Direct at some point?
      1. yes

Contact: Strom Jobs


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