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Quality Control Inspector Sr. posted 2/16/2018 Ref No. 2130026365

Equipment: Corporate
Location: Savannah, GA

Unique Skills:   Ability to enter confined spaces, ability to work with inspection tools. Ability to obtain a PQ rating, Must be willing to work any shift.

Education and Experience Requirements:

High School degree or GED. Completion of formal inspection training program within 90 days of assignment. Five (5) years quality inspection experience. Seven (7) years manufacturing experience or equivalent aerospace experience preferred.

Position Purpose:

In a team oriented environment, perform all tasks in Initial Phase Manufacturing, Composites, or Final Phase in a timely and efficient manner to ensure aircraft parts, sub-assemblies, major assemblies, and installations are built to type design data.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Essential Functions:

  • Perform inspection duties utilizing engineering drawings and orders, work instructions, technical specifications, QA procedures and instructions, and other related documents.
  • Perform preliminary and progressive inspections of aircraft structure and systems, verify functional operation, final inspections, inspect for FOD and verify paperwork.
  • Witness, verify and document specified manufacturing process steps.
  • Perform conformity/first article inspections to ensure compliance with FAA approved procedures.
  • Perform transfer and consolidated inspections.
  • Ensure the proper use and storage of area tools and equipment.
  • Conduct work in a manner that enhances own/other employees health and safety, product safety and promotes risk reduction; participate openly in safety-related event investigations, and immediately report workplace hazards and make suggestions for control; cooperate and contribute toward the overall success of the Safety program at the local level.

Additional Functions: 1. May perform functions of Return to Service and Flight Release PQLs. 2. May develop and coordinate training. Instruct others in techniques of inspection and other related duties. 3. May perform inspection audits and document and present findings/trends. 4. Coordinate inspection workload for multiple inspectors and multiple manufacturing departments according to priorities, efficiency and cost effectiveness. 5. Provide technical support to manufacturing, engineering, materials and IPT personnel. 6. Lead projects, champion continuous improvement. 7. Perform duties of MRB signature authority. 8. Perform area inspections to ensure compliance with applicable standards and specifications. 9. Perform other duties as assigned. 

Other Requirements: 1. Thorough knowledge of GAC CATIA or blueprint reading and interpretation, GAC work instructions, technical specifications and GAC QA Manual. 2. Highly proficient in the use of all job related tools and equipment.

Contact: Strom Jobs