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Metals Mechanic posted 3/7/2018 Ref No. 2130026290

Equipment: Heavy
Location: Wichita, KS

Team with others to fabricate, assemble, form, finish and inspect a wide variety of structural and non-structural metal parts, tools and assemblies to assure the timely production and delivery of quality products to the customer. Work from drawings, documents, process specifications, quality control requirements, and established records and procedures. Perform multi-tasking and multi-machine operation where applicable.



Routinely move product within the immediate manufacturing work area, including across isle, using shop assigned equipment as required, and complete transactions necessary to move product to the next operation. On an exception basis, move product to the next operation within a building.

Support the continuous flow of product within the manufacturing process by training and assisting employees of the same or lower classification level.

Cross trains in inspection and becomes SIA qualified.

Qualifying Skills

Advancement to any given level is subject to need, as determined by management, and employee meeting established qualification criteria.


Perform basic metal fabrication such as deburring, routing, metal forming, sawing trimming, including shear operation, punch press, counter sinking, and tapping equipment using engineering drawings and work instructions.

  • Requirements:2+ years' recent experience in the aircraft industry
    Stretch press experience is needed
    Duration: 90 days or less
    Shift: 2nd (Most likely train on 1st and then move to 2nd)
    OT: Yes
    Large skin forming experience is very helpful
    Oil field experience is helpful (hydraulic lines) as they understand the heavy equipment and safety measures in dealing with large structures and understanding pressure for machine operating
    NC Controlled machines (operating experience/exposure)
    Overhead crane experience is a +
    Ability to be on their feet for 8-12 hours a day
    Building is not climate controlled (cold in winter and hot in summer)
    Steel industry experience is helpful as well
    Repetitive production work
    Safety is pinnacle in this area

Contact: Strom Jobs