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D - Stress Engineer - Clearance Required posted 6/26/2020 Ref No. 2130030990

Equipment: Stress Analysis
Location: Wichita, KS

Description :

Apply interdisciplinary knowledge and Systems Engineering processes and methods to plan, design, develop, integrate and verify products that meet Customer needs within project constraints. Develop, analyze and manage system and subsystem requirements and architectures. Develop and evaluate alternative concepts, architectures and designs to select optimal, balanced solutions reflecting life-cycle considerations. Analyze system functionality and effectiveness with respect to performance, cost, producibility, reliability, maintainability, testability, affordability, operational and life-cycle characteristics to support project decision-making and ensure product compliance with technical requirements and project constraints. Apply technical analyses to identify RM&T performance trends and root cause to propose corrective action. Ability to develop and document allocations, predictions, assessments, and analyses that compare the product design capabilities and usage experience to contract requirements. Identify, define and manage product interfaces. Plan, conduct and monitor integration and verification activities. Plan, execute and manage project-specific technical activities implementing Systems Engineering methodology, coordinating multi-disciplined engineering efforts, managing technical subcontracts, and supporting project Risk Management, Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR), Configuration and Data Management, etc... Improve enterprise (company) Systems Engineering capability through development, assessment and deployment of company standards, processes and tools.

Contact: Strom Jobs


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