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Liaison Engineer posted 8/22/2019 Ref No. 2130029567

Equipment: Aerodynamics
Location: Stuart, FL

Contractor will need to have or be able to obtain Boeing Material Review Board (MRB) certification. As a member of MRB on Boeing Program, ensure full compliance of the MRB requirements set forth by Boeing. Candidate must have a very strong knowledge of FAR21, 25 and technical abilities in a broad range of engineering subject to perform MRB tasks. Must be able to resolve complex engineering problems encountered during Manufacturing/Assembly process. Must be fully familiar with Boeing drawing systems and Boeing process specifications. Have strong knowledge of certification Procedures for Products and Parts and be thoroughly familiar with quality control requirements set forth by Boeing.


  • Performs structural analysis of non-conforming products and repairs to ensure structural integrity is maintained.
  • Dispositions of non-conformance of commercial aircraft structure encountered during Manufacturing/Assembly process and production, including reporting of failures, malfunctions, and defects.
  • Resolves complex engineering problems encountered, review, develop and implement revised/new processes using six sigma/lean principles.



    • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or equivalent
    • 10 years of related experience
    • Prior/existing MRB signature authority on Boeing Commercial or Boeing Defense Article Platform, or same at Tier I supplier for said platforms, or Prior/existing MRB signature authority in the Aerospace industry for another OEM platform or same at a Tier I supplier for said platform.

    Contact: Strom Jobs


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