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DAKD - Production Control Analyst posted 8/20/2019 Ref No. 2130029545

Equipment: Avionics/Electrical Design
Location: Wichita, KS

Description :Analyzes and designs sequence of operations and work flow to improve efficiencies in plant and production facilities and equipment layouts;and establishes methods for maximum utilization of production facilities and personnel and optimization of product flow. Conducts studies pertaining to cost control, cost reduction, inventory control, and production record systems. On the basis of these studies, develops and implements optimized product flow.  Develops and provides time standard sto the shop floor as well as standard work for operations and processes.Develops capacity analysis for tool and equipment utilization.   Support shop with shop floor performance metrics.


    • 3+ Yrs of Experience
    • Strong aerospace and manufacturing experience required.
    • Non-degreed Industrial Engineer.  

    Contact: Strom Jobs


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