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Integration Specialist Technician posted 5/18/2019 Ref No. 2130028546

Equipment: Military Aircraft
Location: Huntsville, AL

Job Duties

  • Perform assigned duties as an individual or as a member of a cross functional High Performance Work Team (to include supplier and customer representatives), during all phases of assembly, integration and test from developmental prototyping to the execution of production integration activities.
  • Meet customer satisfaction requirements for quality, performance and reliability. Possess technical skills necessary to perform work using detail work instructions & other released planning documentation and a variety of other supporting technical documentation as required including but not limited to: technical drawings, 2D & 3D models, schematics, circuit/wiring diagrams, process and equipment specifications, photographs, illustrations and sketches.
  • Perform all elements of mechanical, electrical and electronic assembly, integration and test from detail fabrication, buildup of assemblies & subassemblies, through final integration.
  • Perform functional checkouts and system testing of electrical, electronic, mechanical systems and ground support equipment.
  • Troubleshoot, fault isolate and document nonconformances to correct malfunctions, to component level, with minimal technical support.
  • Perform, as required, approved rework, modification, repairs and incorporation of changes per technical documentation and formal direction to electrical, electronic and mechanical systems.
  • Assist in defining, implementing, completing and monitoring the execution of the work scope.
  • Make recommendations for refinement to equipment and integration processes by conducting studies and evaluations that result in product and process improvements.
  • Analyze product, process & test data, and rejection history to identify root cause for problems and assist with developing corrective action.
  • May be required to perform duties in and around ordnance or other hazardous materials while maintaining a safe working environment.
  • May be required to obtain a security clearance, per specified program requirements.
Tasks, Duties & Responsibilities 
 Work from detail work instructions & other released planning documentation and a variety of other supporting technical documentation as required including but not limited to: technical drawings, 2D & 3D models, schematics, circuit/wiring diagrams, process and equipment specifications, photographs, illustrations and sketches.
Select correct parts, materials and tools to perform assigned duties.
Duties may include the handling of hazardous waste (if qualified).
Handle and protect components and assemblies in accordance with proper practice and procedures.
Move materials from place to place within the work area.
Perform critical handling tasks and operate special electrical, electronic, mechanical and support equipment.
Use and operate shop tools and equipment including precision measuring instruments and equipment including optics and lasers.
Operate various types of shop equipment such as band saw, drill press, sander, bench grinder, metal bending equipment and other related machinery on a variety of materials.
Perform assembly work to complete assignments. Related tasks may include fabrication, installation, adjustment, fit check, fastener alignment, connections, and subassembly integration of parts and materials.
Perform chemical cleaning, surface finishing, painting, marking in accordance with specifications and procedures.
Use any electrical and electronic test equipment, instruments and tools required to perform assigned work, including precision measuring instruments and equipment.
Connect, operate and/or verify support equipment, set up and check out of electrical, electronic and mechanical systems.
Troubleshoot, fault isolate and document nonconformances.
Perform related rework and approved repair necessary to accomplish assignments
Devise, develop and assemble approved shop aides and devices that may be required to adjust, test or maintain electrical and mechanical systems equipment.
Perform self examination and inspection as certified and required.
Plan, sequence and organize work operations to meet production schedules and expedite special jobs.
Coordinate information to advise others of situations or conditions that will delay work progress and suggest corrective action.
Assist others in the performance of their assigned work giving technical assistance to specifications and requirements as required.
Set up and maintain charts, logs, records and reports.
Maintain licenses, permits and certifications required to perform assigned work.
Perform other duties as assigned within the general job classification
Maintain a safe clean and orderly work area. (6S)

Job Qualifications

  • Work related skills equivalent to five years of electronic, mechanical or other related technical experience or a two year degree in electronics, mechanical or other technical discipline (or a minimum successful completion of all electronic courses contained within a 2 year electronics technical degree curriculum) .
  • Understanding and use of mathematical applications that include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, algebra and trigonometry.
  • Understanding of the Lean Enterprise and Employee Involvement principles and tools.
  • Knowledge and understanding of requirements of a Quality Management Systems.
  • Knowledge of safe working practices, emergency procedures and possible dangerous situations.
  • Knowledge of proper use, handling and disposal of hazardous materials per government regulations and Boeing procedures.
  • Ability to access, understand and apply technical documentation to business systems (i.e. nonconformance system, manufacturing requirements plans, and process specifications).
  • Capability to test and troubleshoot electrical, electronic and mechanical systems.
  • Ability to read and interpret engineering drawings. Capable of visualizing a threedimensional shape from a two dimensional view, converting left hand to right hand views and understanding symbols, flag notes and general notes.
  • Use of various hand tools and/or hand held power tools.
  • Use of various calibrated tools and test equipment to include, but not limited to digital multimeters, micrometers, calipers, torque wrenches, leak testers and field degas machines.
  • Ability to operate various types of test equipment.
  • Ability to operate scales and curing ovens used in the mixing of chemicals.
  • Understanding of the use of various jigs, fixtures and tooling to orient parts into predefined positions for part fabrication and assembly.
  • Ability to take initiative and organize work efficiently.
  • Ability to work in a team based work environment.
  • Ability to effectively communicate information such as tie ins and job related information with team members.

Facility Description

Our client is the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space and security systems, and service provider of aftermarket support. As America’s biggest manufacturing exporter, the company supports airlines and U.S. and allied government customers in more than 150 countries. Our clients products and tailored services include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance-based logistics and training.


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