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Electrical Technician posted 8/22/2018 Ref No. 2130027703

Equipment: Avionics/Electrical Design
Location: Mesa, AZ

  • Fabricate, assemble, modify, repair, test, and provide shop support to production and prototype wire harnesses and electrical assemblies.
  • Identify nonconforming detail parts, assemblies and processes.
  • Work with engineering to improve manufacturing processes.
  • Constructs wire harnesses and panels by cutting, sorting, color-coding, measuring, stripping, crimping, soldering, and routing various lengths, types, and gauges of wire, heat-shrink, and other related materials.
  • Installs wire harnesses and components in panels and other assemblies.
  • Operates tools and equipment such as wire strippers, crimpers, solder iron, wire identification and cutting machines, heat guns, and associated tools.
  • Locates malfunctions and determines type and amount of rework required to repair each unit.
  • Prepares packages for harness fabrication by cutting, labeling, and kitting.
  • Tests wire harnesses, panels, and aircraft electrical systems for continuity and proper functioning.
  • Follows schematics, drawings, and written or verbal instructions to set up and perform duties.

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