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Assembler posted 2/13/2018 Ref No. 2130024590

Equipment: Military Aircraft
Location: Pinellas Park, FL

Prior experience with F16 or F35 assembly required. Experience with new construction using large control tooling is preferred. It is not required but candidates should have this experience in order for them to be seriously considered for the position.

Have the ability to prepare aircraft surfaces, mask, prime and apply finish coatings to exterior surfaces. Prepare and apply material for aerodynamic smoothing and flushness. Able to accurately cut materials to specific dimensions and bond to specified surfaces within exact tolerances. Must be able to interpret blueprints, process specifications, knowledge of basic shop mathematics and follow complex application procedures. Mask complex configurations. Have the technique to apply prime and finishing materials to correct thicknesses and use proper measuring inspection equipment to verify. Mix material including primers, top coats, sealants and fillers to correct ratios. Make patterns, cut and bond materials to contoured surfaces

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